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Santa learns that some homes don’t like a person sliding down their chimneys into their innermost private places.

Some Tsum Tsum float. Some Tsum Tsum don’t.

Little People road trips

I’m not sure where these two are headed, but count me in.

Little People celebrities

Cookie Monster tries to blend in, but it’s only a matter of time before she asks if “C is for Cookie”.

“Are we there yet?”


“Son, everything the light touches is our kingdom. One day, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.”

“I dunno, there’s an awful lot of shadowy places.”

“Maybe you should shut your ungrateful mouth.”


“Cobra Commander, I have heard that knowing is half the battle.”

“Goooo, Joe! Uh, sorry, Vader. Those G.I. Joes just have such catchy marketing phrases.”

“That’s because their television program is basically one long toy commercial.”

“Says the guys who’s had 327 different action figures.”

“Don’t make me force choke you.”


“Whoo hoo, McBurger Boy! It’ll take you a year to run me down in that thing.”

And Ronald thought, “It’ll take me that long to come up with the punchline. Totally worth it.”

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Batman always felt that old gothic structures best suited the mythos of his character. A two-story parking garage was not one of them.

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In the seventeenth century, marshmallows were worth their weight in gold. “Pirate megaphone duels”, as scholars have dubbed them, involved shouting at each other through conical tubes until one man surrendered his claim. European gentlemen considered this feat of strength the noblest of the manly arts.

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