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PS: If you look below each photo in the “Posted” and “Tagged” section, there might be a clue about the joke or additional gags.



“I’m pretty sure these are the most racist costumes you’ve come up with, Dale. ”

Dad’s note: someone found a permanent marker.

Little People from the sea


Two-by-two, they came from the depths of the sea, the foam of the surf still clinging to their feet. To what nefarious end they would reach, none could say.


“Somebody in this bus line was fast enough to hit me in the face with a mud ball without anyone seeing it! Who was it?!”

Little People buckle up


“Don’t make Hulk not wear seatbelt. You wouldn’t like Hulk without seatbelt.”

Little People Magic



Benji needs to work on the second half of his trick.

Little People Stakeout


Sheriff Woody always found the best vantage points for spying on cattle rustlers.


“Ride like the wind, Legolas!”


“You fell out of the Tall Tower, you creep!”


It’s much simpler on a 3×3 board.

Stash of Little People


All about our house, we find pockets of hidden Little People. Probably strategically placed for emergencies.

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